1.How does the BION Interior Graphics Work?
Interior Graphics of BION Creations Pvt. Ltd. is the platform where you find ready-to-use interior graphics design. To let you use this quality designs, we offer various packages. If you are the person who has need of one design requirement only, there are also options for that. Just pay the amount and have the design. To know more about it, visit the subscription page.

2. What is a ready-to-use design?
We, at BION, have skilled creative artists who conceptualize and develop the interior graphics designs. These high quality designs are in such format that you can go for the printing of it and fix it wherever you want to apply.

3. Where can I use the BION Interior Graphics designs?
According to Licensing Terms of Interior Graphics, these ready-to-use Interior Graphics can be used for number of custom applications of residential and commercial space.

4. How do I purchase a plan/subscription?
Please visit the subscribe page and select the subscription plan that’s suits you.

5. How do I print a receipt?
The easy interface of “Pay Now” provides you an option to print the receipt of provisional payment. Once we receive the payment, we will also deliver you an email. You will also be able to find the history of your purchases in your login.

6. What is Auto Renewal?
Auto Renewal is a facility provided to you to continue your subscription plan. When you select to have auto renewal facility, you will keep getting your subscription plan renewed with the same price and term. If there will be any change in the price or term, we will notify you and ask for your consent.

7. What sizes do your designs come in?
Each design has size information details underneath.

8. What if I forgot my username or password?
Click on “Forgot your password?” link beneath the “Login” and we will send you new password after ensuring that you are the same person.

9. After the package expires, can I continue to use the design I downloaded?
Yes. You have right to use the designs you have paid and downloaded. To have the knowledge of its use, visit Terms and Conditions.

10. How do you protect my credit card information?
The information provided by you is kept in a protected database and we assure the security of it.

11. Can I share my username/password with friends/colleagues?
As the package license is purchased by you for your use, it should be you who uses the account.

12. Can I download the same design more than once?
As the downloaded design can easily be stored in computer, we count the downloading as the second design. Please ensure that you store it wisely.

13. Which currency do you charge in?
We charge in Indian rupees. For the conversion of foreign currency, the terms are applied as per the norms of Government.

14. The system won't charge my credit card. Is there something wrong?
If the credit card information entered is accurate and you are still not able to proceed, we recommend you to contact the credit card provider.

15. Can my account be activated without you receive the payment in your account? How long can it take?
We activate customer accounts once our bank receives the payment. The standard process of bank usually takes 2 to 3 days of processing.

16. How can I contact customer support?
The email id and contact number provided on the “Contact Us” page are the ways to contact the customer support. Our communication is fast and reliable.

17. Can my entire team use designs that I purchased?
The long term and the more number of designs per day plans are good for you. We recommend you handle the plan single-handedly.

18. Can I create an online gallery of your images?
The ready-to-use-designs of Interior Graphics are to actually use them for the interior graphics.

19. Can I sell the designs that I download?
No, you cannot sell the designs downloaded.

20. What is your refund policy?
As we provide all the necessary information of size and other technical details, we do not refund. We recommend you to select and download the design that suits your requirement.

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